School Emergency Management

Quality Solutions for Complex Problems 

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  • SafeGuard offers quality solutions for complex problems when every second counts. 

  • We believe that we offer the most advanced wireless emergency management solution available today. SafeGuard OES bridges the gap of communication from your site level to first responders within seconds, giving them the necessary information needed to help make risk informed decisions.  

  • We value a science and knowledge based approach based on education, training, experience, ethical practice, public stewardship and continuous improvement.

  • In order to simplify our approach, we first examine the vision, mission, and principles of the system we will be working in.

  • Our risk-driven team uses sound risk management principles (hazard identification, risk analysis, and impact analysis) in assigning priorities and resources and uses innovative solutions to promote safer school communities. 

  • We help to protect school communities by coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve the capability to mitigate the effects of, prepare for, respond to, and recover from threatened or actual natural or manmade disasters, acts of terrorism, or other emergency incidents.

Innovative Solutions
SafeGuard OES App - The most advanced wireless emergency management solution available. The SafeGuard OES app works with the SafeGuard Connect and other options such as panic buttons and video cameras, offering an all encompassed system to help protect your students and staff. 
SafeGuard Connect - Utilizing a combination of WiFi and other wireless signals, the SafeGuard Connect works with the SafeGuard OES app to pinpoint your location when sending emergency alerts to 1st responders and other stakeholders. 
Silent Alert - No time to open an app? Utilizing a combination of WiFi and other wireless signals, SafeGuard's Silent Alert Button works with the SafeGuard OES app and the Safeguard connect to pinpoint your location when communicating that an immediate threat is present with 1st responders and other stakeholders. 
Condition Alert - SafeGuard's Condition Alert works with the SafeGuard OES app and the SafeGuard Connect. It is usually installed just outside the door. When an immediate threat has been communicated to 1st responders and other stakeholders, the Condition alert will light up in red and sound with an alarm. It was designed to help 1st responders locate a threat as quickly as possible.


other than Security Systems, Video Surveillance & Controlled Access

School Safety, Security, Vulnerability Assessments

Focuses on a particular school's susceptibility to threats or hazards and how these risks can be mitigated

Creating the School Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is the foundation which emergency management is built upon

Natural Surveillance

Designing landscaping and lighting improve a school's ability to observe what is happening both on their property and the exterior perimeter

Natural Access

By using a combination of design features, such as walkways, structural planters, signage, fences, lighting and placement of entrances and exits, you can guide people entering and leaving campus

Wellness Support

The biggest challenge in school counseling is the breakdown in after hours support. The MindGuard app serves to create a full circle of communication.

Civilian Preparedness Training for Active Attacker Scenarios 
Scenario-based workshops
Meet The Team 



"The real enemy of safety is not non-compliance but a lack of comprehension and training. Safety must be taught."

Mike Jacobs

"The unexpected is pervasive. By now that message should be clear. What is not pervasive are well-developed skills to detect and contain these errors at their early stages."

Weick, Managing the Unexpected pg.67

"There's an old saying that if you think safety is expensive, try an accident. Accidents cost a lot of money. And, not only in damage to facilities and in claims of injury, but also in the loss of a company's reputation."

Dr. Trevor Kletz



Mike linking with Frank Deangelis at a NASRO convention in Southern CA. Frank was the Principal of Columbine High School from 1996 - 2014 (During the Columbine attack). After helping to rebuild his community, he started working as a motivational speaker and school safety consultant. Feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule something with him!

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